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About us

How did we start this?
yourDailyfunvideo started on may 10th 2011 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. First as a YouTube channel, and later we created our own website. Currently we have 43000 subscribers on YouTube, more than 150.000 total visits, 2900 likes on Facebook and 700 twitter followers. Al this is generated in the past 2 years.

Who are we?
We are a team of young enthusiastic creative students who started yourdailyfunvideo as a hobby. Now 2 years later it has become a serious entreprise in which we all spent a lot of our free time. We all do it still for fun, and have always loved our community of users and fans.

Why we do this?
Our mission is to give our fans a daily smile or grin by gathering the most ‘fun’ content on the web and provide a bigger audience for it by compiling them together in one video.

What do we do?
We do two things actually:
1. We upload a new episode of fun everyday, which is called: yourDailyfunvideo or YDFV. We four of the most ‘fun’ clips we can find on the internet, the clips can be from any category, for example: Wins, fails, cute stuf, Animals, epic stuf, WTF moments and more! We upload these video’s to our website and at the end of the month we compile the most funny clips in a compilation. The compilations are uploaded on our YouTube channel called: yourDailyfailvideo.
2. We pay the original creators of fun content by licensing the clips to media companies or other parties who are interested in licensing clips uploaded by our users on our website. We connect the creators with those parties so their videos can reach a bigger audience and some revenue in return.

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