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Best of Alexander Holtti – Vine Compilation


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    Best Vines of Alexander Holtti – Vine Compilation
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    1. First.. Let me take a selfie!

    2. PLAY ME!!

    3. Never fall asleep in my car!

    4. Most priceless moment in my life

    5. When you think you’re home alone, but you’re not…

    6. When your favorite song is on the radio..

    7. I don’t sing in the shower – i perform

    8. White guy who thinks that he can make a beat out of everything like his black friends

    9. Unicorns be like..

    10. Kids in 2000 vs kids in 2013

    11. I’m killing the “cup song” one song at a time.

    12. That feeling when you’re done with your homework..

    13. Crazy gurls be like..

    14. Taking gurl advice from tumblr

    15. Gurls on their period be like..

    16. Bye Bye Bye

    17. Shiats bout to go down.

    18. Sleeping in movies VS real life

    19. Love is an open door..

    20. When i’m sick my mom always understands my sick language

    21. Look at me now

    22. When you turn on the front facing camera and your fat ugly head pops up.

    23. How i think i look when i smile vs how i actually look.

    24.When you’re doing homework and your bed is just too good looking..

    25. Last christmas

    26. Normal day at the playground.. Nothing too exciting!

    27.Smack Cam!! Sort of..

    28. This is what happens when you turn off airplane mode in a plane!

    29. How to be Romantic

    30. Spring break – Expectations VS Reality

    31. When girls make vine/insta videos..

    32. I’m usually not that lucky.. But today i found some flowers!! I still don’t have any money though

    33. Wow dude! Relax, it was just a joke!

    34. Pump Up The Jam!

    35. When i watch keyboard cat..

    36. #howto “turn on” a TV!

    37. When i do the dishes..

    38. Get’cha Head In The Game.

    39. I hate when this happens…

    40. When i watch cup videos..

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