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Best of Jack & Jack Vine Compilation


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    Best of Jack & Jack Vine Compilation

    We compiled 40 of the most awesome vines from Jack & Jack in this 4 minute compilation. Like & Share if you enjoy the videos from these super talented Vine creators.

    1. Bruno Mars’ Backup Singers

    2. Some girls try way too hard to act like they have common interests with guys they like…

    3. No matter what, you NEVER let the balloon hit the ground

    4. If your first email address stuck with you forever…

    5. What I imagine a “Power Nap” looks like

    6. The coolest flight attendant ever

    7. How you felt during your birthday party as a kid

    8. When there’s no backside on your homework…

    9. The person whose ringtone doesn’t match their personality

    10. Pissing off Jack while being adorable

    11. WE LOVE PUNS

    12. When you bite into a piece of dark chocolate expecting it to be milk chocolate

    13. When you see your old Myspace pictures

    14. How you feel when you open to the exact page number

    15. When your mom tries to buy you clothes

    16. Girls go to extreme measures to impress guys..

    17. When you get a better grade than the smart kid in class…

    18. Down to the socks

    19. Some things you just never grow out of…

    20. Moms somehow hear everything

    21. When you send a text message to the wrong person…

    22. How stores expect you to react to “wet floor” signs

    23. Just moved in next door!

    24. When people claim it’s their last piece

    25. Ratchet girls be like…

    26. How you feel when you get a birthday card with no money in it

    27. Everyone knows once you make it upstairs you’re safe

    28. How childhood prepares you for later in life

    29. False Advertisement

    30. How you felt whenever you sold a glass of lemonade as a kid

    31. Every time I play ping pong…

    32. The “Quad Sport” Dunk

    33. You can literally say anything in the “dog voice” and he will come

    34. The overly aggressive friend

    35. What are they doing out there?

    36. Holy cow

    37. Eric and Winston: The Nerd Vandals

    38. Cheesy CSI Intros (Pt. 1)

    39. How to Recover from an embarrassing fall (synchronized swimming style)

    40. How To recover from an embarrassing fall (inchworm style)

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