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Best of vines of Simone Shepherd – VineCompilation


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    Best of vines of Simone Shepherd – VineCompilation
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    1. The White Girl’s vs The Black Girl’s Response To: “You got a fatty!”

    2. Birthday Cake

    3. Hogwart’s First Black Witch PART 4 “Harry loves magic tricks”

    4.Dudes Be Like: “Death B4 Password, I’d rather die then give my girl my password!”

    5. Bad boyfriends always lie when you catch them flirting

    6. Twerk Fairy to the rescue

    7. I always deliver on my smack downs!

    8. Black Girl Problems PART 1

    9. What nursing homes will be like in 2080.

    10. The Thirsty Girl Song

    11. Lack Girl Problems PART3 “The Struggle To Stay Thick”

    12. Have My Baby

    13. Bulletproof

    14. When you ask your parents for money, they be like…..”Are you really about your money….or nah?”

    15. All black people don’t look alike!

    16. Hogwart’s First Black Witch Part 3 “Sorting Hat”

    17. Crazy Girlfriends Be Like…”I thought you said you don’t know her!”

    18. My Christmas Gift From

    19. Why do people refuse to admit how CRAZY they acted on Black Friday?

    20. How most people decorate Easter Eggs vs How I decorate Easter Eggs

    21. Ooo he wasnt talking 2 me!

    22. How I Act When My Hair Isn’t Done….I don’t want nobody to see me.

    23. I Finally Figured Out Who Klarity Reminds Me Of.

    24. Fresh Prince of Bel Air Intro OUTTAKES

    25. How You Know You Got That “Good Good”

    26. Black People’s Answer to Everything

    27. Why My #Twerkin Must Stop!

    28. Crazy Girlfriends Be Like…..

    29. “Hold my…..” white girl fights vs black girl fights

    30. I love helping people find better ways to do stuff!

    31. Obama #twerk

    32. #niggabelike “I’ll Never Leave You”

    33. #girlfriendsbelike Like Another Picture

    34. Hood hunger games

    35. #niggasbelike I’ll slap the man outta you!

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