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Best Vine Compilation April 2014 #2


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    Best Vine Compilation April 2014 #2

    est Vines Compilation April 2014 – Part 2 is here!
    Check out the best vines of Jack&Jack here:

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    Check out these awesome viners:

    1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! With Megan
    vine by: Zach King

    2. Waiting to find out if your screen is cracked is like waiting for results on Maury.
    vine by: King Bach

    3. When somebody steals your joke and doesn’t give you credit…
    vine by: Jack & Jack

    4. Teleporting magic at Tedx Portland!
    vine by: Zach King

    5. When life gives you lemons….
    vine by: Zach King

    6. How you feel when you wash shampoo out of your hair…
    vine by: Jack & Jack

    7. When that CHURCH beat drop….
    vine by: T_ccentric

    8. Pop-up ads in real life
    vine by: Jack & Jack

    9. What I do during fire alarms instead of evacuating.
    vine by: Mike Pearson

    10. How I fold my laundry.
    vine by: Zach King

    11. When I see a girl that’s not special
    vine by: Alx James

    12. That moment of preparation before stepping on an escalator
    vine by: Dylan Douzat

    13. How they do that #Oculus
    vine by: King Bach

    14. Shes Craving Some D
    vine by: Evan BlakeD

    15. That moment you have to pee so bad….
    vine by: T_ccentric

    16. Cleaning your room gets easier when you’re listening to your favorite song!
    vine by: Alexander Holtti

    17. Ever since I hit one million, I’ve been getting distracted much easier by vine
    vine by: Jezus

    18. Parents Be Like
    vine by: Cameron Goldsworthy

    19. Hollywood be like..
    vine by: King Bach

    20. What did you just say?!
    vine by: Heidi Heaslet

    21. That girl that tries to talk to everyone at the party.
    vine by: Alx James

    22. Are you really that hungry? #Oculus
    vine by: King Bach

    23. How you expect the first day of high school to be vs. how it really is
    vine by: Jack & Jack

    24. You can’t catch me. #Oohaburger

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