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Best VINES – Jimmy Murrill – Vine Compilation 2014


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    Best VINES – Jimmy Murrill – Vine Compilation 2014

    1. Everyone at school is fake as shit….. Myself included

    2. 😉

    3. Doing the ICE bucket challenge

    4. say what

    5. How are you guna tell me how many times i can shit this year?!?

    6. Motivating my fellow Americans

    7. Eating Healthy

    8. I don’t need to workout more… Tf?! I just got back from running.

    9. Fuck teachers like this.

    10. I used to be so skinny…..

    11. Taylor swift is the most annoying neighbor. The bitch needs to mind her own business.

    12. Amen!

    13. When my mom asks me about a test i took.

    14. I hate slow drivers.

    15. The McDonalds chicken nugget pink slip does not faze me. They’re to fucking delicious.

    16. Me n Kanye are creative geniuses and there’s no other way to word it.

    17. Your face when you text your friend thats in the same room as you. Lol

    18. White girls be like… “Not to be mean” so it makes it okay to say.

    19. We all know that one kid who wont let people forget that they’re in a honors or AP class.

    20. And again….. Idgaf

    21. Finals fuck me over like….

    22. How i motivate myself when working out!

    23. #corgi lol

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