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Best Vines of December 2013 Vine Compilation (Week 1)


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    Best Vines of December 2013 Vine Compilation (Week 1)

    VINE COMPILATION! Best Vines of December 2013 VINE Compilation (Week 1)

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    Hey guys! Best vines of this week compiled into this epic compilation! Please take note that you should credit the original viners for their creativity! Not us 😉 enjoy the video and do not forget to share it with your friends!

    Credits go to the awesome viners named:

    Vine authors by order and name:

    1. Gotta Love Dogs
    Vine By: majorlazer

    2. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Caught on camera.
    Vine By: David Lopez

    3. Me On Mondays
    Vine By: Ben Stager

    4. I Ruv You
    Vine By: Shellie

    5. When someone’s at your door and you’re home alone..
    Vine by: Jerry Purpdrank

    6. Monday…
    Vine by: Christian Delgrosso

    7. Your Breath Stinks (Voice-Over)
    Created by Abdiel Garcia

    8. White girls lost in the forest
    vine by: Zane and Heath

    9. When he gives you piggy-back ride
    Vine by: AlliCattt

    10. Baby Tastes Lemon For The First Time – VoiceOver
    Vine by: RandomDude

    11. When that heartbeat drop
    Vine by: Jerry Purpdrank

    12. SQUIWHAAAAAAT??!!!
    Vine by: JEROME JARRE

    13. Fantasy VS Reality
    Vine by: RORO AND SOPHY

    Vine by: JEROME JARRE

    15. When they threaten to call your PARENTS in school.
    Vine by: Alphacat

    16. When your girlfriend calls you when your friends are around
    Vine by: MAX JR

    17. I refuse to spend $$$ in the APP store.
    Vine by: KingBach

    18. Cheaters be like…
    Vine by: DeStorm

    19. Coming up next, on Disney Channel…
    Vine by: Jake Foushee

    20. Dumbledore for the 3!
    Vine by: Kc James

    21.What would happen if The Hunger Games were real.
    Vine by: KingBach

    22. Not saying I love You around your boys..
    Vine by: Smooth Reed

    23. So many cookies, doesn’t know what to do
    Vine By: Greg Baskwell

    24. Girls On Instagram #NeverFails
    Vine by: Jessi Smiles

    25. When your parents have company over and you try to avoid leaving your room
    Vine By: Gyalis In Paris

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