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Best Vines of December 2013 Vine Compilation (Week 3)


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    Check out this EPIC VINE REMIX SONG!

    Best Vines of December 2013 Vine Compilation (Week 3)

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    Hey guys! Best vines of this week compiled into this epic compilation! Please take note that you should credit the original viners for their creativity! Not us 😉 enjoy the video and do not forget to share it with your friends!

    Credits go to the awesome viners named:

    Best Vines Of the Week Decembe rweek 3

    1. Epic Cat Fail!
    Vine by: Robert Sealey

    2. Christmas Kitty
    Vine By: Animal Scenes

    3. Bang
    Vine By: VNGEL

    4. Rap like Lil Wayne Pt. 6
    Vine by: Jerry Purpdrank

    5. Too sleepy for birdwatching
    Vine by: Sixten and Morrgan

    6. why socks with sandals?
    Vine by: Josh Swensen

    7. Señor Grinch
    Vine by: Rudy Mancuso

    8. When your friend comes to your house vs. when your best friend comes
    Vine by: Lele Pons

    9. Secret Agent Cat
    Vine by: Rachael Chaves

    10. When I’m hunting with my girlfriend and a buck walks out!
    Vine by: Josh Clark

    11. I SAID STOP! (pt.3)
    Vine by: Anwar Jibawi

    12. When it’s too hot in bed
    Vine By: Josh Kwondike Bar

    13. 1800 RENT-A-CHICK
    Vine by: KingBach

    14. When your phone is at 1% (Part 2)
    Vine by: DeStorm

    15. The difference between White Santa and Black Santa is extraordinary
    Vine by: Chris Jay

    16. If u ain’t talkin money
    Vine by: L•A•V

    17.Fighting over the LAST SLICE of pizza.
    Vine by: DeStorm

    18. getting out of conversations
    Vine by: Rudy Mancuso

    19. White vs. Black Cheerleaders
    Vine by: K-lan

    20. The floating hat!!
    Vine by: Zach King

    21. When You Walk Past Your Friend In Class
    Vine by: Dj Garcia

    22. hen You Misplace Your Phone
    Vine by: Stephen Lunsford

    23. I’m a Dolphin
    Vine by: Sara Hopkinsby

    24. Famous last words.
    Vine by: 80Fitz

    Vine by: OSCAR

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