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Best Vines of December 2013 Vine Compilation (Week 4)


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    Best Vines of December 2013 Vine Compilation (Week 4)

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    Hey guys! Best vines of this week compiled into this epic compilation! Please take note that you should credit the original viners for their creativity! Not us 😉 enjoy the video and do not forget to share it with your friends!

    Credits go to the awesome viners named:

    1. Walk into the club like
    Vine by: Richy Dimov

    2. That boss pose and that slap
    Vine By: Sparda Dee Kingston

    3. When you’re too lazy to do your chores
    Vine By: Thomas Carpino

    4. Simba is that u?
    Vine By: Kaili Fuller

    5. I feel like everyone gets better Christmas gifts than me.
    Vine By: KingBach

    6. how to get your dogs to stop fighting.
    Vine By: Kacie Nicole

    7. Why I hate taking pictures during the holidays…
    Vine By: Marcus Johns

    8. First time in snow
    Vine By: Danielle Maclean

    9. Her milkshake will bring no one , anywhere
    Vine By: Bottlerocket

    10. Real friends got your back, NO MATTER WHAT!
    Vine By: Christian Delgrosso

    11. That lung beat tho
    Vine by: Jerry Purpdrank

    12. Dunk cam
    Vine by: Shawn Holmes

    13. Howto get your gf to bring you a beer
    Vine by: GentlemanJACK

    14. When wake up from a GOOD dream and can’t go back to sleep.
    Vine by: DeStorm

    15. The first swim of summer
    Vine by: Zach Fiacco

    16. White parents dealing with bad kid vs Black parents.
    Vine by: Pagekennedy

    17. FRENCH SWAG! (Fries, Kiss, & Crappy Car..)
    Vine by: JEROME JARRE

    18. People are always on there phone
    Vine by: Curtis Lepore

    19. Orange County Mom’s car trouble
    Vine by: Kc James

    20. When the girl you like texts you first
    Vine by: Jasonmendezdoe

    21. Chocolate.. Wow.
    Vine by: Bridget Kearney

    22. Amazing Fire Tornado
    Vine by: Fun With Fire

    23. What every guy thinks when a girl likes his picture.
    Vine by: ScottySire

    24. This cat is a thug
    Vine by: Just Lol

    25. I’m just trying to sell a little WEED!
    Vine by: Cam Glass

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