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Best Vines of January 2014 Vine Compilation (Week 2)


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    Best Vines of January 2014 Vine Compilation (Week 2)

    Hey guys! Best vines of this week compiled into this epic compilation! Please take note that you should credit the original viners for their creativity! Not us 😉 enjoy the video and do not forget to share it with your friends!

    Credits go to the awesome viners named:

    1. Man gets caught farting on thermal camera
    Vine by: Conner Bobay

    2. Your science teacher probably never taught you this
    Vine by: Eh Bee

    3. Ponytailing
    Vine by: lunchtrae

    4. How you feel when nobody calls or text you ALL day
    Vine by: DeStorm Power

    5. So many facial expressions
    Vine by: ThunThun Skittles

    6. Game Night!
    Vine by: Thomas Sanders

    7. When Your Knock At The Door Is On Point
    Vine by: michael persad

    8. If country singers were 911 operators.
    Vine by: Brandon Calvillo

    9. Going Super Saiyan at the Jackson ville supervine!
    Vine by: Marcus Johns

    10. How to impress your black friends
    Vine by: Curtis Lepore

    11. Reverse Drive-thru
    Vine by: Cam Glass

    12. What guys think when girls like their instagram photos vs. what actually happens
    Vine By: John and Brier

    13. Rap God by Eminegg
    Vine By: WEIRD Vidz

    14. Guys Love These
    Vine By: PageKennedy

    Vine By: Funny vines daily

    16. How to kiss a woman
    Vine By: Rudy Mancusco

    17. How to walk with your boyfriend in the hallways
    Vine By: Lele Pons

    18. How I Think I Look Putting On Makeup Vs. How I Really Look Putting On Makeup
    vine By: Julia Kelly

    19. How Ratchets Do Presentations.. Lmaoo
    Vine by: RatchetRolando

    20. The embarrassing moment you dress just like your friend.
    Vine By; David Lopez

    21. We’re just two best friends, rockin in the latest trends (Inspired by Kc James)
    Vine By: Zane and heath

    22. Hot Or Not App getting us guys in trouble
    vine by: RORO and SOPHY

    23. What sorcery is this!!?!! I need this to be able to happen to all my Js and my Timbs!
    Vine By: Khkei_T

    24. The First Fart
    Vine By: KC James

    25. Nash The Water Bender
    Vine By: Nash grier

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