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Best VINES of NOVEMBER 2013 Compilation (77 VINES)


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    Best VINES of November 2013 Compilation (77 VINES)

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    The Best 77 Vines compilation from November! In a random order! Let us know which one you liked the most and please visit the original creators described below!

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    1. Dubstep car alarm
    Vine By: Jake Moreno

    2. Public Prank: Zombie Scare
    Vine by: Nick Santonastasso

    3. Ever been stuck in an iPhone group text
    Vine By: Paul Brown

    4. Who’s your best friend
    Vine By: Lilly And The Hairless

    5. When Happy Cloud Gets Bored!
    Vine By: Daz_Black

    6. Family Guy Conversations: Miley Cyrus
    Vine By: Vincent Marcus

    7. Summer might be over
    Vine By: Brittlestar

    8.Just pranked my step dad
    Vine By: Heniya YAS

    9. Girls Can But Guys Can’t
    Vine By: Damon Bullock-Jordan Lomax

    10. Maybe it’s the way she walked
    Vine By: Grace Andres

    11. Guys Vs. Girls getting haircuts
    Vine by: Jerry Purpdrank

    12. Haters be like…
    Vine by: KingBach

    13. How to get thugs to talk
    Vine by: Paul Elia

    14. When the cold wind hits you, Chapstick can’t save you!
    Vine by: Jerry Purpdrank

    15. Black Friday shoppers are insane.
    Vine by: Brandon Calvillo

    Vine by: Zozzy Sowers

    17. After Thanksgiving dinner
    VIne by: Jerry Purpdrank

    18. Baby evil laugh
    Vine by: Mels_

    Vine by: Kc James

    20. How girlfriends act vs how they feel about the new XBOX ONE release
    Vine by: Liane V

    21. Ohh killem all the way down the stairs…
    Vine by: Jeniyah Jade

    22. What are you doing?
    Vine by: JOSH DOMKE

    23. my beautiful voice
    Vine by: Connor Franta

    24. The Perfect Gentleman.
    Vine by: LeJuan__James

    25. What actually happens when you turn your back towards a mirror!
    Vine by: Alec Fitz

    26. Your parents always call you as soon as you get comfortable…
    Vine by: Christian Delgrosso

    27. Jealous kids are the cutest
    Vine by: edwin alejandro

    28. That’s a girl workout
    Vine by: Marcus Johns

    29. When my teacher calls on me when my hand isn’t raised.
    Vine by MAX JR

    30. Fake Sneeze In Class
    Vine by SeanSauce

    31. Black Bane & Batman in therapy.
    Vine by Klarity

    32. Role Reversal
    Vine by Klarity

    Vine by KingBach

    34. When Asians Wake Up
    Vine by Josh Kwondike Bar

    35. The Jordan Clean-up Crew.
    Vine by KingBach

    36. How guys play basketball vs. How girls play basketball
    Vine by Nash Grier

    37. Rap like Lil Wayne Pt. 4
    Vine by Jerry Purpdrank

    Vine by GioVanni Watson

    39. Finished a great workout! Don’t forget yours!
    vine by: Liane V

    40. Do not “Shhh” me in my car
    Vine by: Alx James

    41. People with nice bodies always take off their shirts for no reason.
    Vine by KingBach

    42. RICO – The Bike Cop!
    Vine by Alphonso McAuley

    43. When your friends say stupid stuff in front of your parents
    Vine By: Jordan Matthews

    44. Music Can Save Your Life! (Halloween Edition)
    Vine By: Piques

    45. When This Song Comes On
    Vine By: Karllls

    46. How Miley Cyrus Trick or Treats
    Vine By: SeanSauce

    47. Rasta Dog
    Vine By: BarkleyThePom

    48. Lazy Days
    Vine By: Anwar Jibawi

    49. No running in the halls!
    Vine By: David Lopez

    50. Can You Spot The Difference
    Vine By: jacob carr

    51. This Stingray Wants Your Attention
    Vine By: Chillrhino

    52. Girlfriends be like!…
    Vine By: Leila Denise

    53. Every man has done this to their girlfriend
    Vine by: Lil Duval

    54. He thought he could fly
    Vine By: joel nicolaysen

    55. Mom caught her daughter twerking
    Vine By: colton ok

    56. Caught my dog staring at me while I was eating
    Vine By: Liane V

    57. When It’s Cold Outside
    Vine By: Detrakz

    58. The Struggle
    Vine By: Joe Varela

    59. Pfft I Can Do That
    Vine By: Sarah Ellen

    60. Me after watching Toy Story
    Vine By: Galati

    61. Unbelievable! Another Ghost Caught On Camera…
    Vine By: Michael J Tremaine

    62. Different ways how I open the bathroom door
    Vine By: Nampaikid

    Vine by: Zane and Heath

    64. Real Magic or Vine Magic???
    Vine By: Rayn Magic

    65. The girl in the back hahaha
    Vine By: 2pacs wife

    66. Lil Guy Tried To Meow!
    Vine By: Papa Falcon

    67. People Always Look when you tell them not too
    Vine By: Alx James

    68. Me when we get out for Thanksgiving break
    Vine By: sionemaraschino

    69. I get complimented all the time
    Vine By: jessica christmas

    70. How to be a Responsible Student
    Vine By: Thomas Sanders

    71. For the next 12 hours all crime is legal: Asian Edition
    Vine By: Esa Fungtastic

    72. Human…. Don’t. I’m Serious.
    Vine By: Sixten and Morrgan

    73. When someone ask me what I want to eat..
    Vine by: Jessica Calvert

    74. At the gym you always feel like you have to outdo the guy next to you
    Vine By: David Lopez

    75. The Hood Samaritan
    Vine By: Kingbach

    76. Black Friday Hunger Games
    Vine By: PageKennedy

    77. WTF is happening?
    Vine By: Lol Vines

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