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Best Vines of November 2013 Compilation (Week 2)


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    Best Vines of November 2013 Compilation (Week 2)

    Best Vines of November 2013 Compilation (Week 2)

    Best Vines of November 2013 Compilation (Week 1)
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    Hey guys! Best vines of this week compiled into this epic compilation! Please take note that you should credit the original viners for their creativity! Not us 😉 enjoy the video and do not forget to share it with your friends!

    Credits go to the awesome viners named:

    1. The life of Juan. Starring in Taken
    Vine By: David Lopez

    2. What happens when you leave the baby with the father
    Vine By: Stephen Verstegen

    3. No running in the halls!
    Vine By: David Lopez

    4. Kittens Get Scared Easily
    Vine By: Best Animal Vines

    5. At the gym you always feel like you have to outdo the guy next to you
    Vine By: David Lopez

    6. A girls laugh around guys vs. A girls laugh not around guys
    Vine By: lizzza

    7. Different ways to yawn..
    Vine By: Ronnie Banks

    8. Walked in and saw my dog looking suspicious
    Vine By: jackson hutchins

    9. Puppy Army! Too Cute
    Vine By: supertinaa

    10. Can You Spot The Difference
    Vine By: jacob carr

    11. College Safari: Starbucks
    Vine By: Logan Paul

    12. Lexi Got Scared
    Vine By: DcNally

    13. How to get your boyfriends attention..
    Vine By: Z a c h and C a r l e y

    14. Way Better Than Twerking
    Vine By: Alec Fitz

    15.This Stingray Wants Your Attention
    Vine By: Chillrhino

    16. Like a Boss
    Vine By: Lablover2013

    17. Snitches be like
    Vine By: Darius Benson

    18. Don’t even know what to call this!
    Vine By: Cameron Goldsworthy

    19. Teaching Ted how to be a real boy until it all went wrong
    Vine By: TedAndAaron

    20. Some Kids Party Too Hard
    Vine By: BodieWade

    21. How Guys Interpret A Text From A Girl
    Vine By: Trevor Wallace

    22. When people do this…
    Vine By: Logan Paul

    23. You shall not pass!
    Vine By: Marcus Johns

    24. Ran into Drake and Lil Wayne at the park
    Vine By: MelvinGregg

    25. Every man has done this to their girlfriend
    Vine by: Lil Duval

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