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Best Vines of November 2013 Compilation (Week 3)


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    Best Vines of November 2013 Compilation (Week 3)

    Best Vines of November 2013 Compilation (Week 3)
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    Hey guys! Best vines of this week compiled into this epic compilation! Please take note that you should credit the original viners for their creativity! Not us 😉 enjoy the video and do not forget to share it with your friends!

    Credits go to the awesome viners named:

    1. My New Mexican Alarm Clock
    Vine By: KingBach

    2. When This Song Comes On
    Vine By: Karllls

    3. Your first kiss
    Vine By: Jack Dytrych

    4. Mom caught her daughter twerking
    Vine By: colton ok

    5. Cutest Fail
    Vine By: Lol Vines

    6. Just got done pumpin iron
    Vine By: DatCouple

    7. Like a Boss
    Vine By: Nate Messer

    8. Banana Phone Upgrade
    Vine By: Dan Driggs

    9. How to wake up your dog
    Vine By: Natalie Szumel

    10. Like a Boss
    Vine By: Animal Scenes

    11. Caught my dog staring at me while I was eating
    Vine By: Liane V

    12. When you land a new skill by yourself
    Vine By: azod_raudenys

    13. It’s always that one kid in class!
    Vine By: Dontemacc

    14. When It’s Cold Outside
    Vine By: Detrakz

    15. Sassy Cats Be Like
    Vine By: Abdiel Garcias

    16. For the next 12 hours all crime is legal
    Vine By: Alphonso McAuley

    17. Me after watching Toy Story
    Vine By: Galati

    18. The girl in the back hahaha
    Vine By: 2pacs wife

    19. How to be a Responsible Student
    Vine By: Thomas Sanders

    20. Stop waving your banana in my face. I don’t even want it.
    Vine By: Nelson Holliman

    21. Titanic Theme Song vs Titanic Theme Song(Black Version)
    Vine By: Reggie COUZ

    22. Music make you lose control
    Vine By: SamTakesOff

    23. Different ways how I open the bathroom door
    Vine By: Nampaikid

    24. Pfft I Can Do That
    Vine By: Sarah Ellen

    25. The Struggle
    Vine By: Joe Varela

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