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Best VINES of OCTOBER 2013 Compilation (77 VINES)


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    Best VINES of OCTOBER 2013 Compilation (77 VINES)

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    Best VINES of OCTOBER 2013 Compilation (77 VINES)

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    The Best 77 Vines compilation from October! In a random order! Let us know which one you liked the most and please visit the original creators described below!

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    Credits go to all the authors! 🙂

    Best Vine Compilation October 2013

    1. He says I don’t know hahahaha
    Vine By: Jacob Brighton

    2. My father got me a gift
    Vine by: Brandon Calvillo

    3. Baby grind on me
    Vine By: Taylor caniff

    4. Hide N Seek
    Vine By: Irish Ahern and Steel the Husky

    5. When someone doesn’t raise their hand and blurts out the answer
    Vine By: MAX JR

    6. The face your best friend makes when they know you’re lying
    Vine By: Jessi Smiles

    7. Tummy Tuesday: Miley Wrecking Ball Edition
    Vine By: Jared Stradling

    8. Behind the Back into a Two Ball Stack
    Vine By:KalaniBallFree

    9. How you feel at the arcade before & after you cash in your tickets
    Vine By:Curtis Lepore

    10. Blurred Lines
    Vine By: IndiaSteppin

    11 When you think you hung up the phone but you really didn’t
    Vine by: Josh Clark

    12. Mr. Steal Yo Girl.
    Vine by: KingBach

    13. How I walk past my ex
    Vine by: Jair Cobbs

    14. Blackception –
    Vine by Jerry Purpdrank

    15. Misleading condom instructions
    Vine by: Galati

    16 Incredible Speed Boat Catch
    Vine By: Brodie Smith

    17 Donald Duck Needs His Flu Shot
    Vine By: Casey John Thompson

    18. Rap like Lil Wayne pt.2
    Vine By: Jerry Purpdrank

    19. The Struggle Is Too Real
    Vine By: FrenchVanilla

    Vine By: Jake Flood

    21. How to get out of a kiss
    Vine By: Liane V

    22 When your friends say stupid stuff in front of your parents
    Vine By: Jordan Matthews

    23. That feeling you get when you get the “we need to talk..” text.
    Vine By: Gary Rojas

    24 Music Can Save Your Life! (Halloween Edition)
    Vine By: Piques

    25. How Miley Cyrus Trick or Treats
    Vine By: SeanSauce

    26. Instagramers be like
    Vine By: KingBach
    27. How drunk girls act
    Vine By: Eskimo Bros

    28 Mr. Spider
    Vine By: DcNally

    29. And IIIIIIIIII…
    Vine By: Matthew Paquette

    30. Only one way to sing umbrella
    Vine By: Daz_Black

    31 When that beat drops
    Vine By: Zoey Sterba

    32. When I had Nutella for the first time
    Vine By: QPark

    33. Poor Grandma got scared
    Vine By: Nikki adduci

    34. How to dump your girlfriend
    Vine By: Elton Castee

    35. Only In The Hood
    Vine By: Brian Berry

    36. Gas Money
    Vine By: KingBach

    37. Cutest little thing
    Vine By: Trisha Lynn

    38 The awkward eye contact you make with your teacher while trying to cheat on a test
    Vine By: D Lugo

    39. That moment you realize Morgan Freeman is…
    Vine By: Josh Robert Thompson

    40. Don’t Tickle Darius Remake
    Vine By: Klarity

    41. Turning Juice into Candy
    Vine By: Zach King

    42. Trampoline Wall Walking
    Vine By: Trampwall Sam

    43. Prey
    Vine By: Cody Dean

    44. Take A Closer Look At This
    Vine By: Davidsocomedy

    45 . Choosing the only shoes available just to go outside
    Vine By: Tobz

    46. Soccer Players Be Like…
    Vine By: Beatbox Khronoz

    47. The Crystal Ball Illusion
    Vine By: Erik Mana

    48. Shine Bright
    Vine By: Nash Grier

    49. Nailed It
    Vine By: Liane V

    50. Oh So now you’re hungry
    Vine By: Alx James

    51. Miley Cyrus as a baby
    Vine By: Trey Kennedy

    52. Video game lag in real life
    Vine By: Neat Dude

    53. Polar Bears be like
    Vine By: Daz_Black

    54. My dog is so clingy
    Vine By: Andrew Ericson

    55. Girls on Instagram be like…
    Vine By: NateTheGreat

    56. Mating Calls
    Vine By: malhuser

    57. Changing Clothes in GTA V Be Like..
    Vine By: Alphonso McAuley

    58. Prank Fail
    Vine By: Victor Bastos

    59 I am done speaking with squirrels
    Vine By: Jerome Jarre

    60 Completely normal behavior
    Vine By: Kayla Miller

    61. Transformers Do Exist
    Vine By: Valerie Renovato

    62. When people honk at you RIGHT when the light changes
    Vine By: Alphacat

    63. How to fat dance
    Vine By: Justin Buice

    64. Nailed it
    Vine By: Maddie Messier

    65. Like father like son
    Vine By: Edgar Lara

    66. Cleaning With No Music Vs. With Music
    Vine By: Vics

    67. The Spanish Word Of The Day Is Nutella
    Vine By: ComedianChris

    68. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen
    Vine By: Raven Hammond

    69. When you fall asleep in the train
    Vine By: Nampaikid

    70. LMAO holy SH*T
    Vine By: Cody Reetz

    71. Duck Slide
    Vine By: sim greene

    72. Going to school on a Friday vs. Going to school on a Monday…
    Vine By: Nash Grier

    73. Banana Sings
    Vine By: Pete Holmes

    74. Feeding The Beast
    Vine By: Quincy Rudolph

    75. Not Ugly..
    Vine By: LivWhitty

    76. When the beat drops during studying..
    Vine By: Nampaikid

    77. WTF Computer
    Vine By: Woodsie

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