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Best Vines of October 2013 Compilation (Week 1)


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    Best Vines of October 2013 Compilation (Week 1)
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    We uploaded the best vines of October week 1 on this channel! We will continue uploading the best vines a week on this channel! So if you wanna see all the best vines every week subscribe us!

    Best Vines of October week 1

    1. When a girl forgets to shave
    Vine By: Julia Kelly

    2. Better than twerking
    Vine By: Amymarie Gaertner

    3. He says I don’t know hahahaha
    Vine By: Jacob Brighton

    4. If humans acted like Sims
    Vine By: John Berchtold

    5. My father got me a gift
    Vine by: Brandon Calvillo

    6. Baby grind on me
    Vine By: Taylor caniff

    7. Hide N Seek
    Vine By: Irish Ahern and Steel the Husky

    8. When someone doesn’t raise their hand and blurts out the answer
    Vine By: MAX JR

    9. Dog shows you how to 1, 2 step
    Vine By: Robert Live

    10. Government Shutdown – Obama’s Day Off
    Vine By: Alphacat

    11. The face your best friend makes when they know you’re lying
    Vine By: Jessi Smiles

    12. Tummy Tuesday: Miley Wrecking Ball Edition
    Vine By: Jared Stradling

    13. Behind the Back into a Two Ball Stack
    Vine By:KalaniBallFree

    14. How you feel at the arcade before & after you cash in your tickets
    Vine By:Curtis Lepore

    15. When the teacher bends over to help a student
    Vine By: Jerry Purpdrank

    16. Blurred Lines
    Vine By: IndiaSteppin

    17. When you think you hung up the phone but you really didn’t
    Vine by: Josh Clark

    18. Mr. Steal Yo Girl.
    Vine by: KingBach

    19. Every time I have a drink in my hand while someone else is driving
    Vine By: Marcus Johns

    20. How I walk past my ex
    Vine by: Jair Cobbs

    21. My eyes on you
    Vine by: Sionemaraschino

    22. Let me get a kiss
    Vine by: Dbrave

    Blackception –
    Vine by Jerry Purpdrank

    24. Misleading condom instructions
    Vine by: Galati

    25. How every single guy feels after getting laid
    Vine by: Mauro Carignano

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