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Best Vines of October 2013 Compilation (Week 2)


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    Best Vines of October 2013 Compilation (Week 2)

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    We uploaded the best vines of October week 2 on this channel! We will continue uploading the best vines a week on this channel! So if you wanna see all the best vines every week subscribe us!

    Best Vines of October week 2

    1. How drunk girls act
    Vine By: Eskimo Bros

    2. Mr. Spider
    Vine By: DcNally

    3. And IIIIIIIIII…
    Vine By: Matthew Paquette

    4. His mom took his GTA V
    Vine By: Nicole Strofe

    5. Badass Panda
    Vine By: Matthew Paquette

    6. Only one way to sing umbrella
    Vine By: Daz_Black

    7. Why are people always falling in scary movies?!
    Vine By: Tobuscus

    8. When that beat drops
    Vine By: Zoey Sterba

    9. When I had Nutella for the first time
    Vine By: QPark

    10. Poor Grandma got scared
    Vine By: Nikki adduci

    11. How to dump your girlfriend
    Vine By: Elton Castee

    12. When your friend yells at your crush in middle school…
    Vine By: Nash Grier

    13. Only In The Hood
    Vine By: Brian Berry

    14. Gas Money
    Vine By: KingBach

    15. One Direction member Niall Horan gets smacked in the face with a Basketball
    Vine By: 1dxclusive

    16. Cutest little thing
    Vine By: Trisha Lynn

    17. The awkward eye contact you make with your teacher while trying to cheat on a test
    Vine By: D Lugo

    18. Skeleton Drive Thru Prank
    Vine By: MagicofRahat

    19. Bedtime Routine
    Vine By: Carple Cone

    20. That moment you realize Morgan Freeman is…
    Vine By: Josh Robert Thompson

    21. When you thought your covers kept you safe as a kid
    Vine By: Trey Kennedy

    22. Why you don’t eat snacks around your friends
    Vine By: Liane V

    23. Don’t Tickle Darius Remake
    Vine By: Klarity

    24. She Got So Mad
    Vine By: aliza

    25. Turning Juice into Candy
    Vine By: Zach King

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