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Best Vines of October 2013 Compilation (Week 3)


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    Best Vines of October 2013 Compilation (Week 3)
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    We uploaded the best vines of October week 3 on this channel! We will continue uploading the best vines a week on this channel! So if you wanna see all the best vines every week subscribe us!

    Best Vines of October week 3

    1. Trampoline Wall Walking
    Vine By: Trampwall Sam

    2. Water Balloon Prank Fail
    Vine By: Paige Hecker

    3. Prey
    Vine By: Cody Dean

    4. Rap God – Yeah I can do that
    Vine By: Mostly Evan

    5. Water Notes; Only In Japan…
    Vine By: JPN

    6. Take A Closer Look At This

    Vine By: Davidsocomedy

    7.Choosing the only shoes available just to go outside
    Vine By: Tobz

    8. Soccer Players Be Like…
    Vine By: Beatbox Khronoz

    9. The Crystal Ball Illusion
    Vine By: Erik Mana

    10. Shine Bright
    Vine By: Nash Grier

    11. Nailed It
    Vine By: Liane V

    12. Oh So now you’re hungry
    Vine By: Alx James

    13. Miley Cyrus as a baby
    Vine By: Trey Kennedy

    14. Running for exercise vs. Running for ice cream
    Vine By: QPark

    15. Evolution Of Hairstyle
    Vine By: Brooke Saunders

    16. Video game lag in real life
    Vine By: Neat Dude

    17. Polar Bears be like
    Vine By: Daz_Black

    18. My dog is so clingy
    Vine By: Andrew Ericson

    19. Girls on Instagram be like…
    Vine By: NateTheGreat

    20. You always remember at the weirdest time…
    Vine By: Thomas Sanders

    21. Mating Calls
    Vine By: malhuser

    22. Creepiness Level Over 9000
    Vine By: Allie Gentry

    23. Changing Clothes in GTA V Be Like..
    Vine By: Alphonso McAuley

    24. Run, It’s a Stampede!
    Vine By: Global Revines

    25. Prank Fail
    Vine By: Victor Bastos

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