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Best Vines of October 2013 Compilation (Week 4)


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    Best Vines of October 2013 Compilation (Week 4)

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    Hey guys! Best vines of this week compiled into this epic compilation! Please take note that you should credit the original viners for their creativity! Not us 😉 enjoy the video and do not forget to share it with your friends!

    Best Vines of October week 4

    Best vines of the week 4 October compilation

    Vines in this video:

    1. I am done speaking with squirrels
    Vine By: Jerome Jarre

    2. Completely normal behavior
    Vine By: Kayla Miller

    3. Transformers Do Exist
    Vine By: Valerie Renovato

    4. When people honk at you RIGHT when the light changes
    Vine By: Alphacat

    5. How to fat dance
    Vine By: Justin Buice

    6. Nailed it
    Vine By: Maddie Messier

    7. Like father like son
    Vine By: Edgar Lara

    8. These Guys Are Amazing
    Vine By: Fighting Gravity

    9. Cleaning With No Music Vs. With Music
    Vine By: Vics

    10. The Spanish Word Of The Day Is Nutella
    Vine By: ComedianChris

    11. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen
    Vine By: Raven Hammond

    12. When you fall asleep in the train
    Vine By: Nampaikid

    13. That after whoopin NAP!
    Vine By: 1Influential

    14. When you copy someone’s homework right before class
    Vine By: The Zac Mamba

    15. Reverse Hide N Seek
    Vine By: Joey Ahern and Steel the Husky

    16. The dumb girl in the movies
    Vine By: Ashley and Stefan

    17 LMAO holy SH*T
    Vine By: Cody Reetz

    18. Duck Slide
    Vine By: sim greene

    19. Going to school on a Friday vs. Going to school on a Monday…
    Vine By: Nash Grier

    20. Banana Sings
    Vine By: Pete Holmes

    21. Feeding The Beast
    Vine By: Quincy Rudolph

    22. Not Ugly..
    Vine By: LivWhitty

    23. Can Someone Explain This
    Vine By: Eddie Rivera

    24. When the beat drops during studying..
    Vine By: Nampaikid

    25. WTF Computer
    Vine By: Woodsie

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