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Best Vines of September 2013 Compilation (Week 2)


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    Best Vines of September 2013 Compilation (Week 2)
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    We uploaded the best vines of september week 2 on this channel! We will continue uploading the best vines a week on this channel! So if you wanna see all the best vines every week subscribe us!

    Best Vines of September week 2

    1. BOO!
    Vine By: Luka Blazev

    2. When you and your best friend’s song comes on out of no where
    Vine By: Robert Terrell Hayes

    3. My brother thinks he’s Barack Obama
    Vine By: Darius Benson

    4.How normal girls laugh vs. My laugh
    Vine By: Jammie D

    5. Jacob STOP IT
    Vine By: Jacob Shinall

    6. I have a Pikachu kitty!
    Vine By: Zach King

    7. The worst part about epic Nerf battles
    Vine By: Neat Dude

    8. The future of shopping online
    Vine By: Patrick Barnes

    9. How girls take pictures VS how guys take pictures
    Vine By: Liane V

    10. How to wake up like a gangsta
    Vine By: Donovan Jovan

    11. Guys vs. Girls- Farting
    Vine By: Zachary John Polivka

    12. Close Enough
    Vine By: Dance Nation

    13. How Steve Carell Feels About Miley Cyrus New Video!
    Vine By: Billy Marchiafava

    14. When your friend stops the music on you..
    Vine By: Grant Maxey

    15 “I’ll Knock the Black off you!”
    Vine By: Klarity

    16. Having Fun Shopping Online
    Vine By: nonicoleno

    17. What the…
    Vine By: Marnie

    18. Not in my J’s!
    Vine By: KingBach

    19. Fun on the treadmill
    Vine By: Savannah

    Vine By: Jordan Burt

    21. Waking up on Christmas when you’re old vs. when you’re young…
    Vine By: Nash Grier

    22.I hate when my GPS “turns up”
    Vine By: Sebastian Revilla

    Vine By: Elton Castee

    24. How white people hear ringtones Vs. black people
    Vine By: Jerry Purpdrank

    25. How dads really are when their daughters go through a break up
    Vine By: Jessica Vanessa

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