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Vine Compilation – Best of King Bach (Part 2)


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    Vine Compilation – Best of King Bach (Part 2)

    Vine Compilation – Best of King Bach (Part 2)
    Subcribe to King Bach on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1m24zVK

    We combined the best of King Bach newest vines with some older ones to create this compilation containing 40 vines! Like & Share if you enjoyed it!

    Vines in this compilation:

    1. #letmetakeaselfie

    2. I couldn’t get through this vine at all lol

    3. When you take a pic with someone and they don’t tag you on Instagram.

    4. Captain African-America.

    5. Thugs don’t make any sense when they speak.

    6. People don’t value your things as much as you do.

    7. MAGIC.

    8. My last dying wish.

    9. People with nice bodies always take off their shirts for no reason.

    10. Ayo ma lemme get yo number (Part 4)

    11. Sore losers be like…

    12. These hoes ain’t loyal.

    13. Light skin selfie tutorial

    14. Black films be like…

    15. Never give up the passcode.

    16. How they do that

    17. Where’s my money?!

    18. You can’t get me on April Fools.

    19. Waiting to find out if your screen is cracked is like waiting for results on Maury.

    20. Ayo ma lemme get yo number (Part 8)

    21. You can’t catch me.

    22. Hood Genie (Part 2)

    23. Hood 3D glasses.

    24. When your girl touches another man.

    25. Gas money (part 2)

    26. When someone disrespects you in your own house.

    27. When other people answer your phone

    28. Saw just got real.

    29. When you accidentally kill your friend (Part 2)

    30. How people try to get extra insurance money during Natural Disasters

    31. I’m good

    32. I’m staying indoors tonight

    33. The Jordan Clean-up Crew.

    34. Snowboarding like a BOSS

    35. Ayo ma lemme get yo number (Part 7)

    36. Black people during the purge

    37. “Bad Excuses”

    38. Dudes be like… I SMASHED

    39. The Hood Samaritan

    40. Robbery Fail

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